Mt Allan flood debris: 'It's just been a nightmare'

Jeannine Falloon clambers over forestry slash which has blocked vehicle access to her property at...
Jeannine Falloon clambers over forestry slash which has blocked vehicle access to her property at Mt Allan since the July 2017 floods. Both Ms Falloon and her neighbour, Alan Dunlop, can only access their properties by wading and cutting through the debris on foot. PHOTO: GREGOR RICHARDSON
Residents of Mt Allan properties left practically inaccessible since flooding last year say the authorities have washed their hands of the situation.

Since the July 2017 floods, neighbours Alan Dunlop and Jeannine Falloon can only access their remote properties at the end of Mt Allan Rd by cutting through forestry slash and wading through silt, making the homes practically uninhabitable.

Carried by the flooded Big Stream, the timber debris from the nearby Wenita Forestry plantation finally settled near the stream's delta with the Taieri River, destroying the private drive the pair had been using.

It means they have been unable to retrieve large items, including vehicles.

Flood-damaged buildings on the properties have also had to be left to the elements.

Wenita tried to clear the debris earlier this year but was told to stop by the Otago Regional Council because of the damage caused to the stream by the machinery.

"It's just a huge muck around really. It's just been a nightmare," Ms Falloon said.

Ms Falloon, the Outram Hotel publican, was not living full-time at the site, but Mr Dunlop was and had been in his house for about 10 years.

He has had to find temporary accommodation.

After the ORC decision, the Dunedin City Council advised it was considering changing the way it maintained and repaired the road which leads to their properties.

"They are just doing their job but what am I supposed to do if I can't get back to my home? Everything I have is there," Mr Dunlop said.

Ms Falloon said it seemed both councils had washed their hands of the situation because it was too hard to fix.

Neither council was able to respond to questions yesterday.

Wenita chief executive David Cormack said the company had hoped to clear the debris and open vehicle access but the conditions made it impractical.

The company would continue to work with Mr Dunlop and Ms Falloon.


The ORC is happy to let the Remarkables Ski Field destroy a pristine and important wet land, but they won't allow this road to be cleared because it will damage a creek that is absolutely not pristine.
It has been a long time since I was there, but I know that area intimately, surrounded by forestry and farming, and the destruction that involves, they want to block access into these properties to save the creek?
The only way to save the creek is to shut down the forestry because it is the forestry operation that is the major threat to the creek, and the willows of course.
Since when do creeks over grown with willows need to be preserved? Something stinks with the Otago Regional Council, someone needs to do a serious investigation so that corruption can be ruled out, because this is either corrupt or insane. All the correspondence between Wenita Forestry, the ORC and the Dunedin City Council needs to be looked at, I trust none of them.

Ring Cull every day for an update, Ring Cull when you want food delivered, He being the CEO of Dunedin it is an OHS issue and I believe CEO's are now responsible law NZ laws and needs to be held accountable. Ask for a hotel etc until it is fixed.

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