North Dunedin set to escape liquor ban

It seems Dunedin's students may get a win, a Dunedin City Council subcommittee having recommended the council not impose a liquor ban in North Dunedin.

In early 2012, after multiple disorder and safety issues with student street parties, including the Hyde St keg party, the council consulted publicly on a proposal to extend the central city liquor ban to North Dunedin.

After a hearing of submissions, including those from students opposed to a ban, the liquor bylaw hearings subcommittee met interested parties and this week recommended the council instead concentrateon a ''collaborative approach being developed by key stakeholders'' to address alcohol-related issues in North Dunedin and the city.

Sub-committee chairman Cr Colin Weatherall and members Crs Kate Wilson and Andrew Noone also recommended the council give further consideration to extending the liquor ban to neighbouring streets, to take into account the displacement of drinking in public places.

Councillors will consider the recommendations at Monday's full council meeting.

A report to the council says the problems in North Dunedin tend to be isolated to the beginning of the year and irregular times through the year.

It notes changes to be introduced through the Local Government (Alcohol Reform) Amendment Act are likely to make it difficult to justify an extension.

It also says discussions between various organisations, including student bodies, have led to the beginnings of a group approach to addressing alcohol-related issues in North Dunedin and the city generally and there is a willingness to work together as the problems are affecting everyone.

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