Octagon repairs under way after truck crash

Dunedin City Council contractors begin removing the damaged roof and poles in the central carriageway of the Octagon, after they were hit by a large Pioneer Energy truck in April.

The vehicle was carrying a load of woodchips down Stuart St before missing the turn into the Octagon, narrowly skirting the Robbie Burns statue and coming to a stop in the middle of the Octagon.

A DCC spokesman said the damaged section of canopy would be removed over the coming days and the central carriageway would reopen before the All Blacks rugby test on July 6.

"A replacement section of canopy will be installed at a later date, and we’ll also be repairing the other minor damage in the upper Octagon caused by this incident."

He said a breakdown of the costs to repair the damage had not yet been made, but reiterated that all costs involved with the repairs would be passed on to "the responsible party".