Police using CCTV to find speeding drivers

Police in Dunedin are using CCTV cameras to track down a fleeing motorcyclist who was recorded travelling at 129kmh in an 80kmh zone on the Caversham Valley bypass.

Sergeant Matt Lee said police spotted the rider at 7.52pm on Thursday, but the bike sped off and police did not pursue.

Instead, officers will use CCTV cameras stationed at the Andersons Bay intersection and the Barnes Dr intersection to get registration details.

The rider was not the only fleeing driver in the city that night, he said.

A vehicle was spotted speeding in Three Mile Hill Rd at 12.49am yesterday.

"It was travelling about 110kmh in an 80kmh speed zone, in wet conditions.

"When police signalled for the vehicle to stop, it sped away."

He said police did not pursue the vehicle but did manage to get its registration number.

"When the vehicles are located, they will be impounded and the drivers will be put before the courts," he said.