Restructuring for efficiency at libraries

Bernie Hawke
Bernie Hawke
Staffing at Dunedin libraries is being restructured in a bid to make the service more efficient.

Dunedin City Council arts and culture group manager Bernie Hawke said the libraries department's more than 130 (81.15 full time equivalents) staff were being consulted on a proposed structure change.

Only a few staff were affected by the proposed changes, he said, although he declined to be specific until the staff consultation period was over.

The proposal was not designed to force any redundancies and there was a place for all the affected staff in the new structure, should they wish to apply for the new positions, he said.

The department's overall structure was being reorganised to find savings, meet best practice and as a result of the introduction of new technology, such as the radio frequency identification (RFID) system, which is due to go live today.

He would not comment on how much the department aimed to save through the restructuring.

Consultation with staff closes on June 3. It would take several weeks to make recommendations to the executive leadership team.

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