Rockin’ the Octagon

Photo: Peter McIntosh
Photo: Peter McIntosh
The finals of the annual Robbie Rocks competition, organised by the Toitu Otago Settlers’ Museum, were held in Dunedin’s Octagon yesterday.

Crowds gathered to hear musicians including Geordie Frame (pictured) of Dunedin reinterpret the songs of Scottish poet Robert Burns for a modern audience.

Winner of the youth section was a band called Daft Daze which performed On the Seas and Far Away.

Bill Morris claimed first place in the open section with Auld Lang Syne, while the Willie Waughts — Phil and Benton Glassey, Jono Hollaway, Liam Elder and Haike Cebulla-Elder — were the audience favourite.

Toitu curator Sean Brosnahan said 100 to 200 people turned out to watch the musicians, and despite his concerns about the weather, it was a "lovely afternoon". 

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