Spectacular plumage

Photos by Peter McIntosh.
Photos by Peter McIntosh.
Garments featured in Dunedin's Novadown Fashioned Feathers event last night are (from left) Senorita Awesumo, modelled by Victoria Cooper; Sara Paulin, modelled by Laken Yarker; and Jennie Hasler-Jacobs, modelled by Emma Martin.

About 200 people attended the show, which was held in the Otago Museum, and relished the opportunity to see what designers could achieve with feathers, down and fabric.

Aahmes Quince, with a creation titled Angels or Ghosts? won first prize and the Fashion Award, with Sarah Louise MacDonald second.

Senorita Awesumo won the Creative Award, organisers said.

The show, which raises money for the Asthma Foundation, featured 14 public and eight designer entries.


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