Staff member cut during robbery attempt

''All I care about is this guy getting caught,'' a St Kilda pub manager said after one of his staff members was assaulted during an attempted aggravated robbery.

The event occurred on October 1 at the St Kilda Tavern in Prince Albert Rd, but police did not release the information until yesterday.

Bar manager Bruno, who preferred not to give his last name, said his staff were working late at night. A female worker went out to her car before returning to the pub.

The man entered the building just before 1am as she went back in and ''grabbed'' her, he said.

He was believed to have a knife or some other sharp object on him, as the staff member was left with small cuts.

''Then he saw there were others still working there, got a fright and ran off. He must have thought they were all locked up.''

The man did not take anything.

''She was shaken at the time, but it was all over so quickly.''

Nothing like this had happened in his 12 years of managing the pub, he said.

''All I care about is this guy getting caught.

''It was business as usual the next day, but it did make us have a good look at all our processes again.''

Adjustments had been made to security since the event, but he did not want to go into specifics.

Detective Jo McLaughlan said police would like to hear from anyone who was in the area around 1am on October 1.

''The offender had his face covered and was wearing a hoodie, pants and gloves during the incident, so we want to talk to anyone who may have seen a person wearing similar clothing.''

Support had been provided for the staff member who was assaulted, she said.


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