Street lights fail to turn on

Dunedin descended into darkness last night when the city’s streetlights did not turn on as scheduled.

Delta marketing and communications manager Gary Johnson  said the lights were scheduled to turn on at 8.52pm, but the automatic activation never occurred.

Reports of the issue from around the city started circulating on social media about 9.30pm.

The lights were switched on manually from 9.50pm and all lights were confirmed on by 10.10pm, Mr Johnson said.

"We apologise for any inconvenience and will be carrying out further investigation to pinpoint the reason the switching did not operate automatically as scheduled," he said.

The Dunedin City Council-owned company is under review by Deloitte, along with Aurora Energy.

The companies have been beset by issues recently following the revelation 3000 power poles in the Dunedin network are no longer fit for purpose.

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