Tarzan's stormy St Clair skinny-dip

 - Video courtesy Jesse Stevenson

A self-styled Dunedin adrenaline junkie ditched his clothes to take a plunge in the surging waters of St Clair beach as a storm lashed the country yesterday.

Dillon ''Tarzan'' MacRae says the skinny-dip stunt was in part a response to a couple of days of oppressively hot weather which preceded the deluge yesterday.

He said he ''just wanted to brighten things up'' for people after a few hard days in the city.

Dillon (21) was filmed by a group of mates who can be heard cackling as he scampers down the sea wall steps into the water.

Though naked, he did take a single shoe to preserve his modesty as he entered and exited the surf. 

Dillon said he had no concerns for his safety at any stage, and his thoughts were with those people who had been affected by yesterday's flooding. 


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