Treasured artefact

Photos: Gregor Richardson.
Photos: Gregor Richardson.
The violin Alexander Aitken played in the trenches in the Gallipoli Campaign and at the Battle of the Somme is on display at Otago Boys’ High School.

Dunedin Symphony Orchestra Gallipoli to the Somme concertmaster Tessa Petersen and composer Anthony Ritchie visited the display before their performance at Dunedin Town Hall at 7.30pm tonight, as part of Arts Festival Dunedin.

The performance takes its title from Aitken’s book about his war experiences in the Otago Battalion and when the former Otago Boys’ High School pupil took his violin to war.

In the performance tonight, the concertmaster will perform solo violin pieces within the composition — including at the start and finish to represent Aitken playing in the trenches.

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