Truck’s over-height load takes out power in Outram

At  least 30 homes and businesses in Outram were without power for some or all of Saturday morning after a truck-trailer carrying a grain silo damaged power lines at Outram.

Constable Jason Braid, of the Mosgiel police, said the silo had a laden height of 5.6m, exceeding the legal height restrictions of 4.3m.

The truck had been accompanied by a pilot vehicle, but there had apparently been a misunderstanding about height requirements, he said.

One power wire between poles was damaged near Allanton, and police were later advised after a second set of wires was damaged at the intersection of Formby St and State Highway 87, at Outram about 7.20am.

Wires were also later damaged at the Woodside Rd, State Highway 87 intersection.

Mr Braid said police had spoken to the truck driver and police inquiries were continuing over the matter.

The damage had caused considerable disruption in the Outram area, and he wanted to advise what had happened, he said.

It is understood the outsize load was headed towards the Middlemarch area, but the trip was postponed after the damage was noticed.

An Aurora Energy spokeswoman said after hearing of the Outram damage about 7.30am, Aurora had switched off power in the area as a precaution.

By 8.30am, 30 customers were without power, but power was fully restored by noon, the spokeswoman said.

Mitchells Foursquare store owner Stewart Mitchell said his store, which had opened at 7am, had to be closed between about 7.20am and 8.10am, until power was restored.

Although the matter caused some disruption, adverse effects on his business would have been greater, he said, had the incident occurred at a busier trading time, such as at noon.


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