Tuhura in, Discovery World out at science centre

Photo: ODT files
Photo: ODT files
It's goodbye  "Discovery World" and hello to "Tuhura Otago Community Trust Science Centre", as the Otago Museum renames its  science centre before the redeveloped facility reopens in December.

The $2.5million redevelopment of Discovery World and its tropical forest would feature 50 interactive displays. The Maori word "tuhura" meant to discover or explore, and maintained the whakapapa, or connection,  to the original Discovery World, established in 1991.

About 35 of the  50 new interactives had been made in Germany and had arrived, a week early, by sea from Hamburg this week.

Museum director Dr Ian Griffin said that, after many years of planning, "it’s great to see them finally being unloaded, in preparation for installation".

About 15 other interactives were being made in New Zealand, including in Dunedin.A highlight  is a 6m-high spiral slide inspired by the DNA double helix.

This was funded by a $100,000 grant from The Lion Foundation, and is being made in Palmerston North.

The centre was supported by a $500,000 grant from the Otago Community Trust, and will also be home  to a refreshed tropical forest butterfly house.

The  forest  opened in 2007. The centre also includes the  interactive  science gallery and  planetarium, which were completed in December 2015, during stage one of the centre redevelopment project.


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