Wearable arts show may break even

Earlier fears that a World of Wearable Art exhibition at the Otago Museum could incur a sizeable loss have been allayed, thanks to a positive public response.

At a recent Otago Museum Trust Board meeting, members heard there had been initial concerns the museum could have been "in the hole" for about $30,000 over the travelling show.

Recently-tabled, unaudited museum accounts showed initial costs amounting to about $38,000, but museum treasurer Mike Horne said this week that public attendance at the high-profile, paid-entry show was significantly offsetting those costs and the show could be close to breaking even when it ended on October 28.

Museum chief executive Shimrath Paul said higher costs would have been incurred if the museum had sought to create another big exhibition instead of the wearable arts show.

- john.gibb@odt.co.nz

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