Young scholars earn top marks in their subjects

New Zealand Qualifications Authority top subject scholars Alex Gibbs (left) and Adam Gorrie....
New Zealand Qualifications Authority top subject scholars Alex Gibbs (left) and Adam Gorrie. Absent: Jaume Benson-Guiu. Photo by Gregor Richardon.

Achieving top marks in New Zealand scholarship examinations has put three former Dunedin secondary school pupils in a league with the best and brightest in the country.

Former Bayfield High School pupil Alex Gibbs achieved top marks in accounting, former Kavanagh College pupil Adam Gorrie achieved top marks in technology and former John McGlashan College pupil Jaume Benson-Guiu achieved top marks in Spanish.

The 18-year-olds were among 35 New Zealand Qualifications Authority top subject scholars for 2012.

Mr Gibbs was thrilled with the award.

''I was just wanting a scholarship for a bit of extra money to help me through university.

''It's definitely a big surprise.''

Each top scholar receives $2000 a year for up to three years.

Mr Gibbs said his went straight into course fees for his bachelor of commerce (accounting) and bachelor of arts (statistics) degrees at the University of Otago.

Mr Gorrie was also surprised.

''This scholarship means life will be a lot less stressful. It will certainly keep my student loan at bay.''

He is studying for a bachelor of design degree at Otago Polytechnic this year.

Mr Benson-Guiu was excited with the award, but was just as excited to get started on his law degree at the University of Otago this year.

''It will be great to get my law career started.''

The three were among 7974 pupils who participated in 2012 New Zealand Scholarship exams, and among 2344 pupils achieving a scholarship.

They will attend the 2012 New Zealand scholarship top scholar awards ceremony in Wellington in May, where 10 premier scholars and the top subject scholars will receive their awards.

The winner of the Prime Minister's Award for academic excellence (2012) will be announced at the ceremony.

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