Global Insight: Action needed to avert climate-conflict storm

Jacinda Ardern needs to wake the world to the urgent action needed to avert a climate-conflict perfect storm.

Professor Robert Patman says that clarion call should be the New Zealand Prime Minister’s top priority when she addresses the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, in New York, this month.

"The Prime Minister has the opportunity to say things that are not being currently said," the international relations specialist told Global Insight.

Prof Patman says the global community needs to be called to fast-track climate change responses and move beyond the UN veto system.

"Jacinda Ardern’s role might be to articulate the view of small and middle powers that it is high time we had the machinery available to ... address what is now a perfect storm between climate change and war."

Speaking to Global Insight, Prof Patman also detailed why the convergence of famine, drought and conflict is different to what has previously been experienced and the three steps needed to stop this escalating in to the first international climate change war. 


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