Global Insight: The Covid effect

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the world, potentially for the better, Professor Robert Patman says.
Looking back on the big events of 2020, the international affairs specialist says the global pandemic has been a ‘‘disruptive event’’ on the scale of World War2 and the Industrial Revolution.

After decades of failure to find unilateral solutions, Prof Patman believes Covid-19 is creating new routines, new distributions of power and new awareness of global interdependence.

‘‘So, kicking and screaming, I think Covid-19 may be a catalyst for the world in 2021 and 2022 to move towards a more co-operative approach’’, he says.

Global Insight - 2020 in review full video:


We are in a world of needless chaos, where people are being fined, beaten down and financially ruined, and this 'expert' Patman thinks that's good?
Obviously he is in the pocket of the global 'academics' with their great reset, etc..

I just read Dr Muriel Newman's grim Christmas blog which is a stark contrast to the upbeat messaging from the Globalists.


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