Global Insight: 'Critical moment' for China-West relations

This is a "high noon" moment for global relations, Professor Robert Patman has told Global Insight.

Prof Patman was speaking about alleged state-sanctioned hacking by Chinese players that has been meet by combined Western nations' condemnation, including stern words from New Zealand.

"It is a critical moment, a major landmark in the post-Cold War period," the international affairs specialist said.

'In a sense, this is calling China's bluff."



I really don't know what all the fuss is about. What did society really expect when we opened the doors to a 'free speaking' internet?
Really? look at where we are now since the announcement in 1993. Privacy, security, the things we have fought and petitioned to achieve, and we slowly gave it all up to be a part of a global culture. I remember a time, in very recent years, when the idea of a camera on the street was seen as intrusive and objected to. Now, here we are, completely impacted digitally, on a global scale since 2007, suddenly surprised, that a growing element of mischief would use this technology to 'hack' our data? Really? we are THAT surprised?? Our privacy and security was gladly handed over the very moment we all signed up and sent the first message and a photo of our dinner, our butt and our cat wearing a hat.
Unless some sort of ground breaking technology totally circumvents any cyber security issues...this is the future folks. And we are ALL responsible for it. We've made the bed...of restlessness...each and every one of us, The promise was our lives would be easier, work less hours, the internet would give us more leisure time, instead, we fed the troll.


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