More than 2000 Toyotas recalled

Toyota New Zealand has announced a recall of more than 2000 of its vehicles which may be affected by steering-shaft and water-pump problems.

The action was "precautionary" and there had been no reported accidents related to the malfunctioning parts, the company said yesterday.

The steering shaft recall affects 1612 vehicles and three models sold new in New Zealand between 2000 and 2009; the Avensis (2002-08), Corolla (2000-07) and Prius (2003-09).

The water-pump recall affects 816 Prius vehicles sold new in New Zealand manufactured between June 2003 and April 2009.

An unspecified number of vehicles sold as used imports could also be affected.

"Owners of vehicles affected will receive a notification letter and are advised to arrange to have an authorised Toyota dealer inspect their vehicle," Toyota New Zealand customer services general manager Spencer Morris said.

"In the vehicles affected by the steering-shaft recall, a new part will be fitted, if required. In the case of the water pump recall, the part will be replaced."

Remedial action would be free of charge and take up to two hours, Mr Morris said.

Vehicles affected by the steering shaft recall could exhibit an abnormal noise or rattle, while a wiring fault could cause water-pump motors to stop working, activating warning lights on the instrument panel.

Last month, Toyota recalled at least 21,000 New Zealand vehicles as part of a worldwide recall affecting 7.43 million vehicles.

At the time, the company said the power-window switch on the driver's side could overheat and melt if treated with the wrong lubricant.

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