Key's potential partners already jibing

National leader John Key is laughing off signs of tension between his potential political support parties.

As parties continued their talks today ACT leader Rodney Hide appeared to take a swipe at United Future's Peter Dunne, saying that he seemed more interested in being a minister than getting any policy gains from Mr Key.

Mr Dunne said this was not true.

"We have always been looking at policy concessions and there are some policy issues covered in the agreement," Mr Dunne said.

Asked what he thought of Mr Hide's comments, Mr Dunne said: "Rodney is Rodney, he will have his own agenda. I am just simply focused on what we have been able to achieve and the things that are important to us ... and I think you see those reflected in the agreement."

Mr Key also laughed off Mr Hide's comments.

"I am just going to keep my happy, smiley self. I am sure I will be the glue between all of them."

Mr Hide also said that on many issues Mr Key was to the left of Helen Clark, but this did not concern the National leader either - "That is a bit of a political branding issue."