Pigeons ‘innocent and attractive’

Messrs Stevenson and Goodman’s champion long-distance carrier pigeons (from left) Silver Pearl,...
Messrs Stevenson and Goodman’s champion long-distance carrier pigeons (from left) Silver Pearl, winner Gisborne-Dunedin in 1920, Lady Stanhope, winner Napier-Dunedin 1919 and 1920, San Toy, winner Taihape-Dunedin 1919 and 1920. Photo: Otago Witness.
At the annual meeting of the Otago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals the president (Sir George Fenwick) raised the question of the shooting of live pigeons at gun club matches.
"It is an utter misnomer to class the barbarous slaughter of these helpless birds as sport," he said. "It is callous butchery of one of the most innocent and attractive of our domestic birds, and, in my judgement, totally unworthy of the manhood of this enlightened age. Especially is it so seeing that in the  clay pigeon there is a substitute which lends itself  effectively to a trial of marksmanship. Is it too much to expect that the day will soon come when men who at present support these contests either as marksmen or spectators, will experience a feeling of shame at so thrusting aside the finer sensibilities of their nature, and that live pigeon matches will be no more countenanced than others of the cruel and ruder sports and practices which are blots on the history of our race in bygone years?" 
McKenzie cairn to be rebuilt
The cairn that was erected on a prominent hill to the north of the Shag River near Palmerston South as a monument to the late Sir John McKenzie collapsed some years ago. Mr R. McCallum (Wairau) referred to the fact in the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon and asked if the Government would see that the £500 placed on the estimates for rebuilding it might now be spent. He said he realised that during the war there was a scarcity of building material and of labour, but thought  that the work might now be taken in hand. It was a matter of great importance to sentimental Highlanders who lived in the district.
Cottage hospital for Middlemarch
Middlemarch: On Monday morning members of the Otago Hospital Board addressed a large and representative gathering of residents of the Strath Taieri on the matter of the proposed cottage hospital at Middlemarch. The board chairman Mr W.E.S. Knight congratulated the district on the fact that a cottage hospital was to be established.  There would be no interference with the work of the already established Medical Club. 
Disastrous wool price drop
About 20,000 bales of wool were catalogued for the second of the series of the Dunedin sales, which was commenced yesterday at the Art Gallery Hall. Right at the commencement of the sale a heavy drop in prices took place, as compared with the prices realised at the sale last January, and the low prices ruled throughout the day. The bidding was spiritless, and a number of the prospective buyers were satisfied to practically look on. Over 80 per cent of the lots were passed 
in. Values were from 30 to 45 per cent lower than those of the January sales, the coarser and lower grades of wool showing the greatest decline.


When I think of pigeons, I always think of Tesla. 'Nikola Tesla's acquaintances found his passion for pigeons puzzling because the inventor was a well-known germophobe. Tesla never married, but he admitted to falling in love with a very special white pigeon that visited him regularly. He reportedly said, “I loved that pigeon as a man loves a woman, and she loved me."' Just saying.