William and Sarah Wright’s 60th

Mr and Mrs Wright, of Abbotsford, celebrate their diamond wedding. Otago Witness, 29.1.1924
Mr and Mrs Wright, of Abbotsford, celebrate their diamond wedding. Otago Witness, 29.1.1924
WRIGHT — SMITH: On January 12, 1864, at Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, Wm., eldest son of J. Wright, Nailsea, England, to Sarah M., eldest daughter of J. Smith, Mountain Ash, Wales. Present address: Paterson street, Abbotsford.
A Dunedin staycation?
Except for the privileged classes — schoolmasters, university professors, and such like — the holidays are pretty well over and done. Whilst re-adjusting our neck to 
the collar, listen for a moment to a "Social Heretic"."Dear ‘Civis’, In this country, and for the multitude, midsummer holidays have poor excuse. Unless a man wants trout fishing, or long tramping — over to the West Coast, "the finest walk in the world"; or to visit friends in some distant town."But if it is mere holiday as release from work that is in question, we have Sunday and Saturday all the year round; and the every-day hours of work are short. In Dunedin we needn’t talk of going to the country and the seaside ; the country and the seaside have come to us. "Look at our parks and recreation grounds: Dunedin is a Garden City. The Pacific Ocean and miles of beach are ours for a threepenny tram ride. "For most of us a holiday that runs to weeks is at best a luxury. But I suppose we can afford it." — by ‘Civis’

May I get off here please?
Some time ago a committee of Maia residents was formed and have since been actively engaged in preparing a petition to present to the Minister of Railways (the Hon J.G. Coates) asking for the establishment of a flag station at the Rothesay end of Ravensbourne at the foot of De Lacey street. Their efforts have borne fruit, and yesterday an official from the Dunedin traffic office visited the district and was shown over the country which would be served by the flag station. It was stated that the Minister will be visiting Dunedin this month, and Mr J.W. Munro MP has undertaken to introduce a deputation from this district. There are over 200 people who would be served by the flag station, the majority of them being family ticket holders.

Lourdes’ fluids’ healing properties
"Lourdes and Miraculous Healing" was the subject of an address given by the Rev Father Lockington, of Melbourne, to a large attendance in the South Dunedin Town Hall on Thursday evening. After dealing with the arguments put forward by materialists against religious healing, the speaker sketched the romantic history of Lourdes as a place of healing. He described the Cathedral of Lourdes and the town, mentioning that the flags of many nations were hung in the cathedral. There was the Anzac flag which had been left by the "boys" on their way to the front. The address was illustrated with many fine lantern slides, among them being pictures of graves of Australians and New Zealanders being tended by the children of France. In conclusion, the speaker made a plea for more charity in religion, pointing out that it should bind them together and not part them.


Wānaka-Queenstown shortcut
It has been represented to us that a number of motorists have been deterred this season from driving across the Crown Terrace by exaggerated reports as to the difficulties to be encountered on the road and as to damage suffered by cars on it. A Dunedin motorist, who had not previously been over the road but was not dissuaded from making the trip, informs us that he found that it presented no difficulties of a kind which need cause any anxiety to a careful driver. As a matter of fact, one Dunedin visitor drove from Pembroke to Queenstown and back again, without any mishap whatever. — ODT, 12.1.1924


Compiled by Peter Dowden