Crime down but disorder is rising

Ian Kerrisk
Ian Kerrisk
Crime in Cromwell has dropped by 34.1% over the last year but disorder around licensed premises has increased, the Cromwell Community Board was told this week.

Central Otago sub-area commander Senior Sergeant Ian Kerrisk said from July 2011 to June 2012, a total of 334 offences were committed, down from 507 in the period from July 2010 to June 2011.

The biggest change had been in house burglary, which had decreased by 69%.

However, total crime for July this year, compared with July 2011, had increased by almost 27%.

Snr Sgt Kerrisk attributed that increase to an rise in disorder and violence around licensed premises but said it equated to only four extra offences.

"Police have been working closely with licensed premises staff and believe we have solved this problem.

He said crime had otherwise "dropped all round, which is a great result for the Cromwell community".

Board chairman Neil Gillespie asked Snr Sgt Kerrisk whether there was an issue with intoxicated people or whether it was more noticeable in a small town.

Snr Sgt Kerrisk said there was a noticeable increase throughout the country.

"The number of young people under 18 drinking in public in Cromwell is down, which is very very good because in Alexandra it is a problem."

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