Show a great success: principal

Students from the Victoria Cooper Academy of Dance held their annual end-of-year show at Waitaki Boys’ High School last weekend.

They performed The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for two shows and nearly filled the auditorium each time.

It is the second time the academy has performed the show after initially putting it on in 2015.

About 70 performers ranging from as young as 2 up to those in their late 50s took to the stage.

While it was a bit hectic, the show was a great success academy principal Victoria Cooper said.

"It was excellent. The children had lots of fun with a lot of drama out the back rushing and dressing and everything like that. Getting makeup and hair done."

She loved seeing the younger performers in particular enjoy themselves both on and off stage.

"Just all the kids having fun and smiling and getting into what they’re doing, just making memories."

Holding an end -of-year show like this was a great way to teach them how to work as a team.

"It makes them part of something pretty special and it’s just something to remember for the future."

The performance marks the end of the year for Miss Cooper’s students with classes returning in the new year.