Waitoa golfer hits sixth hole in one

Frank Plieger has achieved his sixth hole in one in six years, including two in six days. Photo...
Frank Plieger has achieved his sixth hole in one in six years, including two in six days. Photo by Sally Rae.
While some golfers only ever dream about hitting that elusive hole in one, Oamaru man Frank Plieger has managed to notch up two in six days.

Mr Plieger (67) achieved his fifth hole in one at the North Otago Golf Club on July 27 and his sixth at his home course, Waitoa Park, last Saturday.

His previous aces were two in 2002, and one each in 2005 and 2006, all at Waitoa Park.

Not bad for a man who, when he took up the sport in 1979, missed his first four swings.

Mr Plieger, who plays off an eight handicap, plays on average about three times a week.

He has served as both president and club captain of the Waitoa Park club and is now secretary.

He also helps out with jobs around the course.

He said there was no secret to his hole-in-one successes - "the gods were smiling at me, I think" - and it happened when you least expected it.

Tomorrow, he will be presented with his sixth mounted-ball trophy.

That particular ball was a "ladies ball" which he thought he would try, to see how it went.

His other mounted hole-in-one balls were a mixture of "very cheap" and more expensive.

"If you play the perfect shot, I don't think it makes much difference the sort of ball you use," he said.

Mr Plieger had to shout whoever he was playing whenever he got a hole in one and it was also policy at Waitoa Park that whoever played that day got a dollar off their drink after the game.

"I think I'm going to have to take a loan out . . . or charge for interviews. It's getting too expensive for me to have all these holes in one," he said.

Mr Plieger's son had pointed out that he only had to get another 11 aces to match golfing great Jack Nicklaus.


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