Wharf fire contained

Photo by David Bruce.
Photo by David Bruce.

Craig Jenner (left) plays a hose from a fishing boat on to part of Holmes Wharf which caught fire at Oamaru Harbour yesterday.

The attempt by Mr Jenner and others to stop the fire spreading before the Oamaru Fire Brigade arrived was successful.

The fire started about 2.30pm, sending clouds of smoke over the harbour.

Mr Jenner and others could find no apparent cause for it. Oamaru-based fishing boat Emma Jane came into the harbour while the fire was burning, tying up alongside another unmanned fishing boat and getting a hose and pump going.

Buckets of water had had little effect up to that stage because of a strong northeast wind.

An Oamaru Fire Brigade unit arrived about 15 minutes later to get at the seat of the fire, under the wharf.

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