ORC examines premises strategy

When the Otago Regional Council looked at options for new premises for a second time, all cost-effective possibilities must be explored, councillors concluded at a recent workshop.

ORC councillors met in a private workshop to discuss finding new premises after parking their multimillion-dollar waterfront proposal a year ago.

The workshop had identified a process for the "post-election" council to take up, according to a report to be presented to today's full council meeting.

The workshop was independently facilitated and was also attended by a building quantity surveyor and office-occupancy advisers.

It was concluded the headquarters should provide a "modern flexible and adaptable environment in which technology is pervasive" and in which staff could be productive and efficient, Mr Martin said.

Another goal of the premises strategy was to enhance public awareness of, and interaction with, the council through accessibility.

In looking at the options, all cost-effective possibilities for achieving these goals must be explored, such as private-public partnerships, leasing, site sharing, refurbishment and replacement, Mr Martin said.

The workshop also concluded the council should refer those views to the incoming council, noting they would need to brief consultants to advance consideration of site and building options.

They would also need to debate options from consultancy studies and undertake public consultation.

The report recommends the council adopt the conclusions.


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