Mayor, councillors, community board pay rises approved

Waitaki Mayor Alex Familton, councillors and community board members will get a pay increase under remuneration rates approved recently by the Remuneration Authority.

The annual salary for Mr Familton will increase from $76,900 to $80,800 for the 2011-12 financial year.

Mr Familton's salary is set by the authority, with the council then determining how to distribute the remainder of a $322,828 pool, after his payment is deducted, to its councillors and community board members.

The pool was increased 3.72% by the authority.

Deputy mayor Jim Hopkins' salary rises from $24,923 to $25,186, executive committee members from $21,275 to $21,500, water management zone committee members from $20,060 to $20,271 and councillors from $18,236 to $18,429.

The salaries for the Waihemo and Ahuriri Community Board chairman and chairwoman remain at $13,373, but salaries for members of the two community boards increase from $6079 to $6143.

The Remuneration Authority is an independent govern-ment agency set up to deter-mine payments to elected representatives.

It sets an indicative pool for each local authority, sets the mayor's salaries and then has a framework of rules on how the money is to be distributed to elected members.


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