Big future for Malaghans Rd forseen

Steve Hewland
Steve Hewland
Malaghans Rd has been identified as a future primary alternative arterial route, being built as "a motorway on the back road to Arrowtown", Queenstown Lakes district councillor Trevor Tattersfield says.

Traffic models show Frankton Rd will become increasingly clogged and the Malaghans Rd route is seen as a way of alleviating forecast congestion.

The issue was brought up as part of a series of scoping phase road reports carried in yesterday's infrastructure services committee and presented by council project manager Steve Hewland.

The council will continue the design concept which has seen improvements on the road over the past three years, including cycle lanes and a separate cycle, pedestrian and horse track off the road.

Upgrade work now enters the design concept phase on Arrowtown's Buckingham St and Centennial Dr, Dalefield's Littles Rd, Queenstown's Perkins Rd west, Malaghans Rd, Hensman Rd and Edinburgh Dr.

Mr Hewland presented speed statistics on Hensman Rd and Edinburgh Dr from a nine-day, 11,000-vehicle survey earlier this month.

The resident-driven survey, conducted using pressure-sensitive strips on the Martys Lane intersection with Hensman Rd, found motorists sped at all times of the day, with peaks between 4am and 5am and at commuting times.

The survey also showed that 63% of motorists drove at the speed limit (50kmh), 80% drove between 40kmh and 60kmh, 1421 (13%) drove at 60kmh, 175 drove at 70kmh and one vehicle was clocked at 113kmh.

The committee decided to forward the results to police.

Mr Hewland saiddeveloping design concepts was the next step as well as airing options for "calming" traffic - although that did not necessarily mean judder bars would be used as a solution.

"We're going to look at a whole range of options," Mr Hewland said, from nearly $900,000 to just over $1.3 million to fix cracked pavements, water leaks and stormwater issues on the two roads.


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