Cameras may capture race action

To capture the drama of what next year's expedition-length Godzone multisport race is like for the athletes, organisers are looking at putting hidden cameras on the course and uploading the footage to the race website.

During the inaugural race in April, competitors travelled with satellite navigational tracking devices to provide live progress reports on Godzone's website - which had more than a million hits during the race.

Race co-director Warren Bates said there were stories of competitors locking others out of huts at night and letting down bike tyres, but they were all unsubstantiated. Mr Bates said cameras were about ''immersing the general public'' in the adventure race, where teams of four typically raced consecutive days and nights, with little sleep.

''It's reality TV for real.''

Teams used a map and compass to navigate a series of checkpoints and transition areas on foot, kayak, rope and cycle without support crews.

Almost 40% of teams registered for 2013 were international and winners received both prize money and a spot in the World Championships.

Entries for the main race, which will be held frpm March 8 to 16, have closed but entries for the new corporate race are still open.

Funds raised in the corporate race will go towards Starship National Air Ambulance. Mr Bates said that race would run from March 12 to 16 and was a slightly ''watered down'' version, but competitors would still be required to push themselves. The course for 2013 was a complete overhaul of the previous one and would be top-secret until 24 hours before race day.

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