Canvassing support for new bra fence

Sam Lee attaches a bra belonging to his late girlfriend, Danielle Cook, to the fence in the...
Sam Lee attaches a bra belonging to his late girlfriend, Danielle Cook, to the fence in the Cardrona Valley once known as ''the bra fence''. Photo by Mark Price.
Cardrona's controversial ''bra fence'' is on the way back.

Cardrona Valley resident Sam Lee is inviting the public to once again hang their bras on his family's boundary fence.

In the seven years to 2006, the number of bras hung on the fence grew to 1500, according to some accounts, until the Queenstown Lakes District Council insisted they be removed for traffic safety reasons.

However, Mr Lee says his research suggests the council had no legal right to demand removal and he has started a Facebook site gathering support for a revived bra fence.

He told the Otago Daily Times this week the new bra fence had started out as a bit of fun when he and friends were coping with the death in December of his girlfriend, Danielle Cook.

On Saturday, they put four of Ms Cook's bras on the fence.

''Most of the memories when someone passes are sad ones ... and it's hard to come up with ways to go and do fun things,'' Mr Lee said.

However, the bras disappeared from the fence three days later.

Mr Lee attached another on Wednesday with a sign reading: ''To those that may be offended. These bras are all that's left of a life lived to the fullest of smiles, pranks and joy.

''Allow us to have one more and leave the damn bras alone.''

But the bra - and the sign - were removed yesterday.

In response to this, Mr Lee has launched a campaign to reinstate the bra fence.

A council spokeswoman told the ODT no-one from its enforcement team had removed the ''items''.

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