Collector releases artworks for sale

Arrowtown Gallery manager Simon Beadle admires newly released original artworks by  deceased...
Arrowtown Gallery manager Simon Beadle admires newly released original artworks by deceased Southern painters from a private Queenstown collector. Photo by James Beech.
Artworks by esteemed Southern painters who are now deceased have been released on the market after years in a private Queenstown collection.

Arrowtown Gallery manager Simon Beadle said he was delighted to receive the latest batch of seven framed originals for display and sale on commission from collector Brian MacPherson.

The works were created between 1910 and 1991 and ranged in price from $1200 to $2500.

The collection now on display in Arrowtown Gallery features an oil on board painting of North Otago by Colin Wheeler, who died in July, an oil on canvas of a South Canterbury scene by Roy J. Dickison, who died in February, and a watercolour of Cecil Peak (1991) by Austin Deans, who died last year.

An oil on board view of Gorge Rd, Queenstown in the early 1960s by Douglas Badcock, who died in 2009, an oil on board of The Hunters Hills, Timaru, by W. J. Reed, who died in 1996, a watercolour of Wanaka, by Eana Jeans, who died in 1969, and a Drivers Rd view of Dunedin in 1910, by William Bollard, who died in 1943, are also included.

Mr Beadle said Mr MacPherson had been an art collector for more than 30 years.

He chose to release the paintings to let others enjoy them and to make room for new additions.

"Certainly paintings become more valuable when the artists pass away, but I thought it was interesting that [many of them] died so recently and they were all local to the Southern Lakes, or Otago and Canterbury, apart from Bollard, who moved around quite a lot," Mr Beadle said.

"They are historic pieces with lower South Island flavours and subjects and all done by commercial painters held in high regard nationally.

"Definitely investments."

• Arrowtown Gallery hosts an exhibition of work by Arrowtown artist Bridget Paape called Life is for Living from October 5-19.


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