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NZSki lift operator Brooke Steinkopf (22), of the United States. Photo supplied.
NZSki lift operator Brooke Steinkopf (22), of the United States. Photo supplied.
In this week's Off Piste, Brooke Steinkopf (22), of Utah, the United States, tells us about life as a lift operator.

What's involved in your job?

I help people to load and unload the chair lifts, maintain the ramps, greet the guests and make sure they are having a great day, giving them big smiles and high-fives!

Shovelling snow from the deck of the base building and de-icing chair lifts after snowfalls and storms also has to be done. Not really my favourite part of the day, but somebody's got to do the job.

What skills or experience do you need?

You need to be a good snowboarder or skier, have to be pretty fit and extra people-friendly.

What were you doing before you joined NZSki?

I was studying and nannying in Spain and travelled Europe in the summer.

Highs of the job?

I'm in the mountains and get to work outside all day long. It's great to be so close to our guests and watch them having fun, smiles on their faces while they're skiing or boarding.

Lows of the job?

Working in high winds and really harsh weather conditions can sometimes be rough.

But I guess you have to stay positive. Warm yourself up by doing a little liftie dance, or something like that.

Your most memorable skifield moment?

I love being in the mountains snowboarding. So pretty much every moment I spent on or off the slopes, in the park or just hanging out in the sunshine with friends is super-awesome.

Best part of living in Queenstown?

All the people from everywhere in the world make this place so special.

There is always somewhere to got, always something to do. It really never gets boring!

Worst part of living in Queenstown?

I live in Fernhill and that's a bit far away from town. But then my house there is awesome and I have the best view!

Best piece of advice for season visitors?

Snowboard or ski at the Remarks every day! Keep smiling; it's awesome here!

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