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The Remarkables Ski Area host Megan Burke. Photo by The Remarkables.
The Remarkables Ski Area host Megan Burke. Photo by The Remarkables.
In this week's Off Piste, the Remarkables host Megan Burke (22), originally from Liverpool, UK, describes the highs and lows of her job.

What's involved in your job?

I greet the guests when they arrive and help them with questions. I also do our free ski area tour for people new to the mountain, skiing on their own or are interested in discovering new features.

What skills or experience do you need?

The ability to ski or snowboard. You have to be friendly and approachable with extensive knowledge of the ski area and Queenstown.

What were you doing before you joined NZSki?

I was travelling in Southeast Asia and Australia. I am lucky enough to return here each season during my summer break from university in England.

Highs of the job?

Being able to ski every day!

Lows of the job?

When no-one turns up for the ski area tour (which happens rarely). I don't get to go out then.

Your most memorable skifield moment?

When I was a lift operator last year, I was taken on a snowmobile to the top of the lift at 5am. The stars were out and the moon was lighting up the slopes after an amazing snowfall. I was able to ride the line, complete the safety checks and watch the sunrise over Queenstown.

Best part of living in Queenstown?

The amazing views from wherever you are.

Worst part of living in Queenstown?

Having to leave at the end of the season.

Best piece of advice for people who come here for the season?

Make the most of your time here and take advantage of every opportunity you get. The season flies by so fast.

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