Job lifts his spirits

Lift senior Jack Haughey (27), of Scunthorpe, England, sporting a formidable ski ensemble. Photo...
Lift senior Jack Haughey (27), of Scunthorpe, England, sporting a formidable ski ensemble. Photo supplied.
In this week's NZSki staff member profile, Jack Haughey (27), of Scunthorpe, England, describes being a Coronet Peak ''Lift senior''.

What's involved in your job?

I get up the mountain for 6.15am and set up the lifts by getting the signage and queues lanes up and ready. I have a chat with the liftie team on my station about events and safety.

I oversee the running of the lift and deal with any guest issues. At the end of the day I notify everyone of closing, pack up the queue gates and head to the deck for debrief.

What skills or experience do you need?

Good people skills. You need to be able to think on your feet, be a problem solver and use your initiative.

You need to be adaptable, able to work on your own and within a team. You can't be afraid of getting your hands dirty and picking up a shovel.

What were you doing before you joined NZSki?

I was working in Australia doing part-time work and was a liftie in Whistler, Canada. Back in Scunthorpe, I was a postman.

Highs of the job?

Being the first on the mountain, seeing the sunrise and views. The people I work with make my day and also the fact I always meet new people.

Oh, and getting to ski!

Lows of the job?

When we don't get snow, it can get morale down, especially when it's raining.

Your most memorable skifield moment?

All the dress-up days we do, because I like to go big!

A memorable moment was watching [top US skier] Lindsey Vonn faceplant off the T-bar a few years ago. She was carrying two pairs of skis and overbalanced backwards. She was fine and started laughing about it afterwards.

Best part of living in Queenstown?

Everything - the bars you can go to, all the different activities you can do. It's an adult's playground.

Worst part of living in Queenstown?

The price of cheese and basic groceries! Rip-off.

Best piece of advice for people who come here for the season?

Be prepared for anything and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Savour the surroundings and views.

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