Letters to Santa

Santa shares his responses to letters from Arrowtown School pupils with the Queenstown Times

Dear Santa ...

I love Christmas because I like getting presents and I like getting yummy dinner.

What I do on Christmas Day is decorate our house inside.

Could I please have a purple and yellow scooter?How old are you?How do your reindeer fly?From Penelope Campbell, age 7.

My dear Penelope,

My reindeer fly in the most fascinating of ways - it's like they're running, but in the air.

And, unlike in aeroplanes, I don't experience any turbulence on the sleigh which is just as well because I don't like turbulence!Sometimes, though, they go past a house we need to visit and, for some reason, the reindeer can't reverse, so then we have to do a big turn quite quickly ... once they didn't warn me and I nearly fell out of the sleigh!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Penelope, I look forward to seeing your decorations very soon.

Love Santa.

Dear Santa ...

How do you get down the chimney?

What I love about Xmas is the feast.

I would like a bike.

From Sophie, age 7.

Hello, Sophie.

I love nothing more than a delicious Christmas feast myself!

My second favourite part about Christmas is arriving back to the North Pole where the elves and Mrs Claus have laid out a Christmas dinner fit for Kings (and Santa Claus') to enjoy.

Normally I get down the chimney by jumping, feet first, but every now and then I like to have some fun and try different entry techniques. Mrs Claus banned me from trying to somersault into them after an unfortunate incident several years ago left me with a big lump on my head because I missed the chimney hole and hit the bricks instead.

Have a lovely Christmas, Sophie and enjoy your feast!

From Santa Claus.

Dear Santa ...

How are you Santa?

I like Christmas because before Christmas I like to decorate the Christmas tree.

I know you're busy.

For Christmas I would like a few art frames.

My question is how do you get round the world in one night?

From Nathan Taylor, age 7.

Dear Nathan,

You are quite right, I am very busy at the moment.

Here at the North Pole we are on the final countdown to Christmas Eve - and with every hour that passes the excitement levels get a little higher.

Some people think it impossible for me to visit all of the children in the world in one night, but not only do my reindeer travel very quickly, different countries in the world have different time zones, which also helps.

New Zealand is my very first stop because you celebrate Christmas before anywhere else in the world.

I am very much looking forward to seeing your Christmas tree this year, Nathan - I'm sure it will be even more beautiful than last year's.

Merry Christmas,

Dear Santa ...

Dear Santa how have you been going over there?

I've got a question for you.

How do you get down the chimney on Christmas Day?

I go to my aunty's.

I like Christmas dinner.

I've been good.

From Josh Bonnar, age 7.

Hello there, Josh,

I have been very busy in the past few weeks, with many last-minute gift requests coming through my helpers all over the world - one of my helpers in Queenstown has been swamped with requests!

I get down the chimney with a hop, skip and a jump - and a little bit of magic, Josh!

I do hope you enjoy Christmas with your aunt and have a lovely day.


• Dear Santa ...

Hey Santa.

I like Christmas Day because I get presents.

I have some questions for you.

Why does Rudolph have a red nose?

Why do you have a very fat tummy and why do you not shave?

From Aiden, age 7.

Hello Aiden!

Do you know what I like most about Christmas? Delivering presents - I'm only sad I'm too busy to stay and see you open them!

When Rudolph was a baby his nose was pink - not like the other reindeer, their noses were all brown. But, as Rudolph got bigger, his nose turned bright red and started to glow.

We like to think it's magic and it comes in very handy when we're out delivering presents because his nose is like a headlight and helps us find our way.

You asked about why my tummy was so big - mostly it's because when I visit houses all over the world at Christmas I like to nibble on the treats they leave me and it doesn't take very long for my tummy to get big.

Mrs Claus always tells me to eat more vegetables, but I prefer cakes and biscuits!

I did shave my beard off once but all of the elves laughed at me - also, it helps keep my face warm when I'm flying around the world on Christmas Eve,

Have a wonderful Christmas Aiden - and remember to eat your vegetables or you will end up looking like me.

Ho, ho, ho,

• Dear Santa ...

How are you going Santa?

I want to ask you some questions.

How do you fit down chimneys and how old are you?

This is what I love about Christmas - hanging out with my family and on Christmas Day I play with my presents.

For Christmas I really want a motorbike.

From Alexander Turner, age 7.

Merry Christmas Alexander!

Sometimes I do struggle to fit down the chimneys, but I'm lucky I have some very special magic powers I can use to help me when a chimney is too small.

Mrs Claus always tells me I am only as old as I feel - and at Christmas time I feel like a 7-year-old!

I think being with your family at Christmas is the most important thing of all. Have fun playing with your gifts this year, Alexander.

From Santa Claus.

• Dear Santa ...

Santa, I've got a question for you.

Could I have an iPod and an iPod Touch?

Santa I hope you are having a good time in the North Pole.

Santa I loved the stuff you got me last year.

Santa how do you get all the presents to all the kids in the world?

From Carson Grieg Tyne, age 6.

Hello Carson!

I am having a wonderful time in the North Pole - the elves are singing Christmas Carols non-stop (their favourite is Santa Claus is Coming to Town), the sleigh has started to be loaded with presents and the reindeer are resting ahead of their trip on Christmas Eve.

IIt's a big job, having to deliver all of the presents to all of the children all over the world and, as you may know, my sleigh is not big enough to fit all of the gifts in.

But, Carson, I have a very special magical sack which refills itself after each stop to ensure the right gifts go to the right children.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Carson - be good now, I'll be seeing you soon!

Love Santa.

• Dear Santa ...

Ho, ho, ho, 'sup Santa?Having a good time?

I can see you on a book.

Can I pretty, pretty please have an iPod Touch, Santa?

I'd like to know how you land on our roof without making a noise.

From Lochie, age 6.

Merry Christmas, Lochie.

I always find it amusing to see all the books with pictures of me in them - and movies about me. Some of the pictures are quite close to what I look like, but some of are terrible! ...

Lochie, I have had many years of practice at getting on to roofs without waking sleeping children and I'd like to think I'm quite good at it. The reindeer are exceptionally light on their feet and once the sleigh has stopped I tiptoe around so as not to make a noise.

Have a lovely Christmas ... only three sleeps until I set out.

Santa Claus.



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