Police seek help in underwear thefts

An underwear thief has struck again in Arrowtown at the same address where women's underwear was stolen in April and police are asking the public for help to catch the offender.

During Easter weekend, police were alerted to a theft in which a number of articles of women's clothing were taken from a washing line at the rear of a Hertford St property. A dog collar and chain were also taken.

Last weekend, police were called to the same house after women's clothing and underwear was again taken, although this time the offender went through the kitchen to get to the items.

Police are concerned about the escalation and Detective Sergeant Brian Cameron said there might be similar incidents which had gone unreported since "at this time there appears to be no particular reason why the victim has been singled out".

"There are elements to these crimes which are very disturbing not only to the victim but also for the wider Arrowtown community," he said.

The incidents both came at the end of the school term, but police would not speculate about whether that was a coincidence or not.

"I would expect that the wider community will be as concerned as police and that people will keep an eye out for suspicious activity not only on their own property but also that of their neighbours - someone has come home with articles of clothing that are foreign to them.

"We would like to find that person."

Anyone with information can contact Queenstown police on (03) 441-1600 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555-111.

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