Blood donations sought

New Zealand Blood will return to Queenstown next month and is encouraging donors to book appointments now to make sure they can contribute.

The service announced on Friday it would make its next visit to the Wakatipu at the St Margaret's Presbyterian Church Hall, Frankton, on February 13, from 7.30am to 12.30pm.

All existing and eligible new donors can book appointments

via the NZ Blood website, or by telephoning free on 0800 GIVE BLOOD.

People are eligible to donate blood if they are a new donor aged 16 to 65 years, or up to their 71st birthday for regular donors.

They are eligible if they weigh at least 50kg, are completely well after having a cough, cold or flu and have waited six months after tattooing or body piercing, although blood can be donated 12 hours after body-piercing performed by a registered health professional.

Eligibility also includes people who have waited 24 hours following minor dental treatment or one-month following major dental work, and have waited 84 days since their last blood donation and have not exceeded four donations in the past 12 months.


• Blood only lasts 35 days.
• 42,000 patients are treated with blood or blood products in New Zealand each year.
• 42,000 patients is equivalent to 110 jumbo jets full of people, or the capacity of Eden Park, Auckland.
• Only 4% of New Zealanders roll up their sleeves and donate.
• Each donation can save up to three lives. 3000 donations are required every week to meet hospital needs.
• New Zealand Blood Service is the only provider of blood products to hospitals in the country.
• New Zealand is self-sufficient for blood products.
• Donors receive tea, coffee, juice and chocolate biscuits.

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