Ex-Navy man knocks fitness craze idea into shape

A retired elite Navy clearance diver is drawing on the expertise of other military veterans in Queenstown for two new businesses.

Scott Reynolds served 18 years in the Royal Australian Navy, seeing active duty in the Iraq war.

The 37-year-old was also responsible for getting his team and recruits battle-ready. Now he’s bringing that experience home.

Reynolds and his yoga coach wife Jen have launched Peak Mountain Fitness.

"We wanted to offer training that is more conducive to the lifestyle people want to live here.

"It’s about getting outdoors, hiking, sweating, getting dirty and training for specific sports and activities - for example, we’ve recently trained a team for The Mule obstacle course event."

Much of the training is done outdoors, although Jen offers weekly ‘yoga for athletic performance’ sessions at CrossFit Queens-town’s box. Reynolds runs weekly drop-in mountain fitness sessions. There are also Paddle Fit sessions.

He hopes to pick up corporate clients, offering leadership training through physical activity and creating healthier workplaces.

The other business is Alpine Seaweed, which hosts families and companies, providing activities, logistical support and filming.

For both businesses, Reynolds works with "young veterans", about 20 ex-military types who served in places like Afghanistan or Iraq.

"Due to the commonality of training and what’s been instilled in us, the values of team work and communication are the same."

- Paul Taylor

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