Last in Frontrunner series for the year

Runners in the final races in the Queenstown Frontrunner series take off from Jacks Point on...
Runners in the final races in the Queenstown Frontrunner series take off from Jacks Point on Saturday morning. Photo by Olivia Caldwell.
The Frontrunner series finished on Saturday, the final races for the 5km, 10km and half-marathon runners being held at Jacks Point.

The winner of the open female half-marathon was Jana Jurackova in 1hr 31min 5sec.

Simon Green won the open male half-marathon in 1hr 18min 28sec.

The annual series is now in its fourth season.

Next up is the ActiveQt Tri series, the first event being held at Lake Hayes on December 27.

Results were:

10km fun run Men: Alan Williams 35min 20sec
Junior male 10-15: Cornelius Balle 52min 58sec
Junior male under 10: Ben Schreiber 1hr 1min 44sec
Vet male 40-49: Mitch Durbridge 40min 13sec
Vet male 50-59: Pat Quaid 1hr 4min 11sec
Vet male 70 plus: Bruce Patton 1hr 11min
Women: Louisa Andrew 41min 29sec
Junior female 10-15: Helena Kennedy 58min 54sec
Vet female 40-49: Mel Wenlock 46min 40sec
Vet female 50-59: Andi Rapley 59min 59sec

5km fun run
Open male: Maurice Whelan 18min 27sec
Junior male 10-15: Archie Ritchie 21min 33sec
Junior male under 10: Linus Ritchie 29min 2sec
Vet male 40-49: Pete Ritchie 21min 52sec
Vet male 50-59: Andy Town 19min 10sec
Vet male 60-69 Ken Hardman 25min 44sec
Junior female 10-15: Laura MacCulloch 26min 6sec
Junior female under 10: Olive Ritchie 31min 12sec
Open female: Claire Nicols 18min 54sec
Vet female 40-49: Sue Mavor 24min 50sec
Vet female 40-49: Jenny Blance 26min 56sec
Vet female 50-59: Judy Knight 25min 58sec
Vet female 60-69: Jana Gaboda 47min 19sec
Vet female 70 plus: Marion Patton 52min 9sec

Open male: Simon Green 1hr 18min 28sec
Vet male 40-49: Allan Funnell 1hr 23min 24sec
Vet male 50-59: James Park 1hr 40min 9sec
Open female: Jana Jurackova 1hr 31min 05sec
Vet female 40-49: Karelia Gonzalez 1hr 45min 54sec

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