Thirsty driver opts for RTD: 'You think you've seen it all'

Queenstown police were left shaking their heads after catching a builder drinking a bourbon and coke while driving to work on a notorious stretch of highway.

The 22-year-old was driving from Edendale to Queenstown when he was pulled over at a checkpoint on the Devil's Staircase, near Kingston, at 7.30am today.

He admitted to having a can of Jim Beam on the floor, which he had half-drunk, Constable Anara Hocking said.

"He said he got thirsty around Kingston and wanted a coke, and the RTD was the closest thing he had.''

The man was breath-tested and was under the legal limit, Constable Hocking said.

Because he had drunk the alcohol so recently, he was asked to wait for 40 minutes before being tested again.

He also passed that time, she said.

"He admitted it wasn't the brightest idea and voluntarily tipped it out,'' she said.

"You think you've seen it all.''