Undy race highlight at Winter Festival

Scantily-clad men and women racing along the beach and a bloke jumping out of a helicopter above Queenstown Bay were highlights of an action-packed Winter Festival programme this afternoon.

The 'Day on the Bay' started with a splash and a roar, with the jet-boat sprint competition interspersed with the heats of the Rafting Rampage races.

The Undy 500 beach race involved competitors sprinting along the beach, wading through a stretch of 9degC lake water then climbing over a bouncy castle before the final dash to the line.

But the afternoon's show-stopper had to be Quinn Gardiner's leap from a chopper hovering 150 metres above Queenstown Bay.

Fortunately, Mr Gardiner had a bungy cord attached to his feet for the stunt, the first of its type seen in the resort since 2012.

The heli-bungy was followed by perennial crowd favourite the Birdman competition, which featured competitors dressed up variously as SpongeBob SquarePants, the Blues Brothers, MC Hammer and Bart Simpson.

Tonight's programme includes a sold-out ball at a secret location - said to be between 15 and 45 minutes' bus ride from Queenstown Primary - a concert at the Memorial Centre featuring L.A.B., Yoko-Zuna and Lord Echo, and a Holly Arrowsmith gig at the Sherwood hotel.

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