Submissions sought on wharf transfer

The Jackson Bay wharf. Photo by Marjorie Cook.
The Jackson Bay wharf. Photo by Marjorie Cook.
Public submissions are being sought on the proposed transfer of ownership of the Jackson Bay wharf, along with some other assets of the Westland District Council, to a commercial company.

The council recently released its 10-year plan, which proposes to transfer 17 assets to the council-owned Westland District Property Ltd.

The company would commercialise governance and administration of the 75-year-old wooden wharf, and the Haast and Okuru community halls.

Other council assets, such as pensioner flats, the Hokitika and Ross swimming pools, the Ross squash courts and the Kumara sports grounds and public toilets, would also be transferred to the company.

Haast fishermen Geoff and Andrew Robson raised concerns in February the wharf was uneconomic and might have to be closed, after a fire in January required $5000 of repairs over and above the annual maintenance budget of about $11,000. The Robsons' fishing businesses pay the bulk of the council's $8000-$10,000 annual wharf income.

Submissions close on May 27.


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