Pain at the pumps: $2.50 a litre in Wanaka

Kiwi motorists deserve an explanation as to why petrol prices have hit another record high, the Automobile Association says.

AA petrol spokesman Mark Stockdale said the price for 91 octane had risen to $2.36 in Wellington and $2.34 in Christchurch.

Wanaka motorists were feeling the most pain at the pumps, paying $2.50 for a litre of 91, RNZ reports.

Motorists were set for another price hike at the end of the month when the Government's 3.5 cents per litre petrol excise duty rise would come into effect.

Motorists would want a "please explain" from fuel companies, Stockdale said.

The average price in the two centres provided a good snapshot of the national price, he said.

"It looks like it has gone up to a new record price. We have never had 91 octane that high, that is the most that motorists have ever paid. It's going to be alarming for people to see petrol prices so high.

"That is the questions motorists ask, 'Why do they keep climbing'? That's up to the fuel company to explain and front up."

The AA was picking prices to rise even further because the Government had announced the petrol tax hike of 3.5 cents, "and with tax we know it will go up by 4 cents by the end of September".

"That will push prices for 91 octane just under $2.40 a litre."

The New Zealand Herald has sought comment from Mobil and Z Energy.

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