Poo in postboxes 'personalised attack'

Police in Wanaka are treating an incident where two letterboxes were damaged and defecated in as a targeted attack.

The incident in Albert Town happened early on Saturday morning.

Acting Senior Sergeant Steve Watt, of Wanaka, said police believed the vandalism was targeted and there were a number of leads being followed.

The two letterboxes were only one house apart from each other, which suggested one house was targeted but the offender did not know the correct address, Snr Sgt Watt said.

''Certainly seems like a personalised attack which had the intent of distressing the occupant at the address.''

Charges the offender could face included wilful damage and offensive behaviour, but it all depended on the investigation, he said.

''The starting point would be intentional damage and we would assess from there what else it could come to, and you could be looking at wilful damage or offensive behaviour, but it's hard to say at this point.''

This type of vandalism was rare and taken very seriously by police.

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