Lucky break for woman injured while tramping

Some good fortune helped save a woman who severely broke her leg and ankle while tramping near Haast yesterday.

The woman had been tramping with a male companion at Smoothwater Bay when she suffered the injury just before 12.30pm.

With no personal locater beacon, and being in a remote location, the signs were not good.

But luck prevailed.

A recreational fishing boat was in the bay, and the male tramper signalled for help from the crew, who set off their own beacon on behalf of the couple and alerted the Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCC).

RCC spokesman Mark Dippmer said the Otago Rescue Helicopter was sent from Queenstown to investigate.

A paramedic stabilised the woman before she was flown to Dunedin Hospital.

Although the outcome was a good one, Mr Dippmer said that the fishing boat's beacon was not registered, which had delayed rescue efforts to some degree.


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