Fitting farewell for two acting legends

Michael Caine plays  Bernie Jordan, who left his wife in a British rest-home and travelled to...
Michael Caine plays Bernie Jordan, who left his wife in a British rest-home and travelled to France for D-Day commemorations. Photo: supplied
The Great Escaper is supposed to be British actor Michael Caine’s last movie.

Aged 90 is a good time to bow out, I guess.

The movie tells the true story of 89-year-old Bernie Jordan, who leaves his wife Rene (the late Glenda Jackson) in a British rest-home and travels to France for the D-Day commemorations in 2014.

Bernie was in the Royal Navy during the war.

The movie starts in the rest-home as the couple live out their days.

After Bernie misses out on registering for the commemorations, Rene encourages him to go anyway.

He has a few adventures along the way and makes friends with other returned servicemen, including Maurice (John Standring).

Bernie returns home an international celebrity after media catch wind he has gone absent without leave from the rest-home.

The movie action switches between the present and the days in World War 2 when Bernie and Rene met.

One scene has Bernie off-loading tanks on a French beach on D-Day. It is a clever technique, giving context to the movie.

The movie is one of those heart-warming affairs full of values of a generation who knew what it was like to live through a war and stay married all their lives.

The relationship between Bernie and Rene is touching, but Bernie seems to be one of those caring solid types who looks out for people wherever he goes.

While this is a whimsical kind of story, there is no sugar-coating of the challenges the characters both young and old face.

I recommend this movie.

It is entertaining and thought-provoking, peppered with moments of light-heartedness where the characters enjoy a laugh.