Simple ways to have fun these school holidays

School holidays are the perfect time for whānau fun without breaking the bank.

As the school term ends and the holidays are fast approaching, your thoughts may drift to keeping your tamariki entertained.

Maintaining a balance of screen time, whānau time, and spending can all be concerns that lie in wait ready to pounce at any given moment.

I know that when my tamariki were younger,

these were some of my concerns.

However I didn’t have to contend with the huge presence of technology like today’s whānau do.

I can relate as, "getting square eyes really was a thing" while parenting my three tamariki.

The balance between screen time and getting outside to get some fresh air comes with its own challenges.

Most activities on offer have a monetary amount attached, which can be a barrier to whānau-friendly experiences, but you may not know about the Just For Fun map, which encourages whānau to experience play opportunities that are either free or have little cost involved.

Just For Fun is found alongside other fun resources on the Active Southland website.

For those whānau wanting to stay closer to home, check out the local opportunity of Have a Go Disc Golf, right here in Gore.

There are two options available, located at the Dalmore Park kitchen kiosk and the Gore Main Park, opposite Gore Main School.

Both have free discs ready to use.

The only expectation is to have fun and return the discs when finished.

How cool is that?

Remember, being active doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Mix together a little creativity and enthusiasm, and you can enjoy memorable moments together as a whānau during the school holidays.

— Active Southland Healthy Active Learning School Facilitator Rose Dickison