Parker publicly calls out Joshua

Joseph Parker. Photo: Getty Images
Joseph Parker. Photo: Getty Images
Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker has publicly called out Anthony Joshua in an attempt to secure a unification bout with the British champion.

In a tweet aimed at Joshua, Parker questioned the British heavyweight's desire to fight him suggesting that even a 65-35 split and a rematch in favour of Joshua wasn't enough.

"65% & rematch not enough to unify? Believe your own hype? Bubble's gonna burst bro," Parker wrote.

This comes after Parker's trainer Kevin Barry also questioned Joshua's intentions.

"Anthony Joshua made a promise to the fans 'I'm going to unify the belts', well start with the WBO," Barry told boxing blog

"Get the business done and we'll be there.

"I think there might be a lot of people in his ear at the moment. I think he might be getting a little ahead of himself, he might be a little confused and going by a couple of things I've seen on social media I think he needs to take a breath and ask himself 'do I want this fight or not?'."

A fight to unify Joshua's IBF and WBA world titles and Parker's WBO belt would probably happen in March if it is made.

Parker's team went from 40% of the profits to 35% and are refusing to budge from that figure.

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