Guidelines concerning one-sided games reissued

Football South has reissued its guidelines concerning one-sided games following a run of lopsided encounters in junior football.

The release advises coaches on how they can take appropriate measures to avoid one-sided games and urges people to refrain from bragging on social media.

Football South general manager Chris Wright said the decision to post the guidelines on the organisation's website was prompted by a string of uneven matches in the first four to six weeks of the season.

However, Football South periodically issued its guidelines which were designed to ensue junior football was focused on the participants having fun and not results.

"It is something we do every now and then," Wright said.

"It is really important that junior players have a good experience and we've noticed recently that there have been more one-sided scores, so we wanted to reiterate the message to all our coaches and members and give them some guidance.

"I think we've done it every season. It is something we like to stay on top of," he said, adding there had not been an influx of complaints.

Wright said the issue was not unique to football and "a lot of the times it is just about awareness".

"We have a turnover of coaches and new players coming in all the time and they might not necessarily have been given the guidelines."

Wright said one-sided games were of limited benefit. The stronger teams could become bored, while the weaker sides could become embarrassed and uninterested.

That could lead to players dropping out of football.

The real measure of a coach at junior level is whether the players return next week not whether the team wins 10-0.

"It is about keeping all the players on the field engaged and the most important thing is making sure that they have a good experience."


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